5 Myths about Supplements

1. "If I take supplements...I do not have to worry about diet or exercise." - This is a MYTH! Supplements are just that: a supplement to a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Eating well every day and getting daily activity or exercise are the foundation of health.

2. "I get all the nutrients I need from my diet." - This is a MYTH!  Many people still think that a healthy, well-balanced diet will provide enough of the correct nutrients to allow their body to work to it's full potential.  As much as it pains me to say, this is no longer possible, as our food is too weak (de-natured) to build up nutrient stores in a nutrient deficient body.

3. "All multivitamins are the same, so I should buy the least expensive one." - This is a MYTH!  The body's biochemistry is complex, including how it absorbs and utilizes vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients regularly seen in a multivitamin.  I do not recommend taking a multivitamin  for this reason.

4. "My urine is fluorescent yellow, all the vitamins I take must be just creating expensive urine!" - This is a MYTH!  The color change is associated with the intake of B vitamins.  B vitamins are water soluble, therefore, your body utilizes what is needs and the rest is safely excreted.

5. "It is unsafe to take supplements with medications." -This is a MYTH! Due to the broad, blanketed-statement in nature, this is not true.  Most supplements can be safely combined with medication.  A great resource is provided by the National Institute of Health on herbs and supplements. This will provide information for you in regards to potential interactions.

Hopefully, you are now better prepared to use supplementation in your own health care regime. As a general rule of thumb, be sure to do your research and ask your health care practitioner.

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